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Time to get X-Fit!

Whether you want to build muscle, get lean, or just have more fun in your workouts, our fitness classes can help meet your goals in a fun, supportive environment. All classes begin with a thorough warm up, followed by a strengthening and toning session. Next, our specialized and certified fitness trainers will guide you through your class with personalized attention and instruction.  You will leave feeling accomplished and excited to come back and do it all over again! All participants are required to sign a waiver. 

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What is Dance/Pole Fitness?

Dance/Pole fitness implements all levels of pole dance, Pilates, and yoga to strengthen, tighten and change your body inside and out. Great for beginner to advanced and all body types. No dance experience required. Nervous about your first class, try 1 on 1 sessions with one of our expert instructors. 

BodyTalk Fit Group Pole Fitness


BodyTalk Fit X- Intro > $20/class

This is your introductory to pole class where you
will learn the fundamentals of pole dance, basic pole spins, walking
around the pole, hip rolls, and begin strengthening the body with pole
conditioning to get you ready for the next level.  We will begin the class
with a warn up leading into pole. Please wear shorts, or capris (able to
roll up above the knee), tank or t shirt. No body lotions or oils, please.
*We recommend taking 4-5 X-Intro classes before moving on to X1

Class is scheduled every Thursday at 7pm , Saturday at 10am, and on select Fridays at 6:30pm.

BodyTalk Fit X1 > $20/class

This is your step up from intro. Everything you have
learned in X-Intro, we will add variations and more challenging spins,
sits, floor work, and how to move from one pole trick to another
gracefully and with ease. We will begin the class with a warm up leading
into pole. Please wear shorts, or capris (able to roll up above the knee),
tank or t shirt. No body lotions or oils please. 

Class is scheduled every Saturday at 11am. 

BodyTalk Fit Pole’ography > $20/class

A fun, sensual dance- based pole class that will combine pole spins and dance choreography to create the ultimate sexy routine for show-n-tell! Each class will be different choreography and different movements. We will go over the movements several times in order for you to leave the class feeling confident in your routine! We recommend you take at least 2 BTF-X (intro) classes. We welcome all dance and pole levels. Please wear shorts, or capris (able to roll up above the knee), tank or t shirt. No body lotions or oils, please.

Class scheduled every Tuesday at 7pm.

Studio Rental

Our private studio parties are ideal for a bachelorette celebration, Girl's Night, birthday, divorce, or just because you want to party! Give your friends the VIP treatment and have our studio all to yourselves! 

Instructor Rental

Outside instructors have the opportunity to rent the front or back studio based on availability to host their own class. Download app to reserve.

Prices are subject to change without notice:

  • 1 hour - $75 
  • 2 hours - $150 
  • 3 hours - $200 
  • 4 hours - $250 
  • Monthly - $250 (up to 4 hours)

Private Parties

You have the opportunity to rent the front or back studio based on availability.  An instructor will be provided for you. You will be able to choose your own theme and playlist. 

Front Studio prices are subject to change without notice:

  • 1 hour - $150
  • 2 hours - $275
  • 3 hours - $400
  • 4 hours - $500

Each additional hour is $75

Back Studio (Pole Room) prices are subject to change without notice:

1 Hour

  • Up to 10 women - $200
  • Up to 20 women - $300

2 Hours

  • Up to 10 women - $300
  • Up to 20 women - $450

Each additional hour is $100

Things you should know


Classes and Payment

  • All sessions require payment in advance. Payment may be made online or in studio, we accept all major credit/debit cards. All sales are final.
  • Classes have limited enrollment for more individualized instruction so check calendar for available spots.
  • Please make sure to read class descriptions before registering to ensure you are choosing the most appropriate class for your abilities.
  • While we cannot cancel a booking, we are always happy to reschedule. Any notice not received within 7 days of the original booking, will result in forfeiture of the booking and we will not be able to reschedule.
  • All participants must be at least 18, please provide a valid driver’s license or state ID for check-in.
  • Pole classes have a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds, for the safety of participants. Participants exceeding the weight limit may participate, but will be limited to floor only exercises.


  • Try to arrive 10 - 15 minutes before your session in order to check in and get comfortable.
  • Anyone arriving after class start time will not be allowed entrance and will be considered a no show; this helps prevent injury to yourself and others.
  • Please silence all electronic devices before entering the studio.
  • Please DO NOT walk through ongoing classes. Be quiet and courteous.
  • Please no photo, video, or audio recording without the consent of the trainer and other clients.
  • Cellphones, jewelry and other personal items are NOT allowed in training areas. We are not responsible for personal items. 

Class Prep

  • Tight form fitted clothing is preferred; this allows the trainer to see your alignment. Wear shorts, a tank top and sports bra. NO Capri Pants or Leggings. You need to be able to grip the pole with your legs. 
  • No lotion or oils on your hands or body. Just wash your hands and wipe off your legs as best you can if you forget. 
  • No jewelry allowed for safety purposes.
  • No Shoes. Bare feet preferred, socks with grippers allowed.
  • Personal belongings may be placed in a storage cubby. Any lost or forgotten items will be held for a maximum of 1 week, after which time it will be discarded.  Contact an associate if lost items need to be reported or have been found. 

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